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Pricing is contingent upon size of cookie, intricacy of the design, number of colors each cookie requires and techniques/products used. The best way to get an accurate quote is to use my order form.
Any number of cookies can be ordered.
See below for the pricing chart.

All cookies are heat-sealed in individual, clear cellophane bags, free of charge. If you would like them individually gift-bagged with a bow, there is an additional charge of $4.00 per dozen.

Cookies come in a bakery box with a bow.

*Extra fees will apply if rush orders and/or delivery are needed. See FAQs page for more information.



$54.00 a dozen

  • 3-4" cookie

  • 1-3 colors per batch

  • 2 designs max

  • Simple text on one design

  • Edible printed images


$60.00 a dozen

  • 3-5" cookie

  • 4 or 5 colors per batch

  • 5 designs max

  • Simple logos

  • Multiple effects: metallics, airbrushing, glitters, sprinkles

  • Detailed piping and lettering



$72.00 a dozen

  • Characters

  • Some hand painted details

  • Hand cut shapes

  • Intricate logos 

  • Variety of colors and designs


$8.00/ $10.00 per cookie

  • Hand painted pet or human portraits

  • Limit to 3 painted cookies per order

  • Limit to 1 face per cookie

  • $8.00 for black and white portraits on geometric shaped cookies

  • $10.00 for hand cut, full color painted portraits 

Pricing: All Products

Why Do You Charge That Much?

Decorating a small batch of cookies can can take hours or days alone - that does not include the process of coming up with the designs, making the dough, rolling the dough, cutting the shapes, preparing the icing, coloring the icing, photographing, packaging, or cleaning up afterwards. Premium ingredients are also used in my cookies which adds to the overall cost. Creating cookies customized just for you takes time, effort, and lots of care!

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